Art as Worship – Scripture Journaling

open notebook with scripture art journal page

Working in my art journal today and reflecting on this week’s memory verse. Lean not on your own understanding…. so hard to do sometimes, but when we trust in HIM instead of our own rationalizing and reason we are able to often see beauty in the chaos, find peace in the noise. ♥

This is a new art style for me – I am totally just doing “the next thing” and not planning in this particular journal. Kind of letting the Holy Spirit take the lead and reflecting on His word. How it applies to my here and now. And the layering of textures, prints, colors, mediums which feel totally random and chaotic.

At first glance they seem to really represent this world right now. Nothing seems to make sense – what used to be considered good and noble has been traded in for the things of the past that used to be thought of as indecent and just plain wrong. But God’s word reminds us that yes…this would be the way it would go.

Everything coming to pass has already been recorded in His word. His word is true. And HE makes order out of chaos.
I’m tired of the media noise, I’m tired of the new social norms. I can’t keep up with it all and really – is any of it WORTH noting lately… just give me Jesus and nothing else….
He brings peace in the midst of turmoil.
Trust in HIM ♥
used in my worship journal page:
Sweet N Sassy products:
Stencil – Grunge Dots
Stamps – Texture Tiles 1, Faith Wordfetti, Too

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