A New Space to Write, Create, and Share

 Howdy! Hey! Hello!! ♥

Just a quick note that this is a brand new space for me. 

There’s lots and LOTS of work to do here yet to get 100% set up, but yeah…it seems that my old webspace is just not working for me and it was time for a change so……here I am 🙂
You’ll find all my blog and YouTube updates, some WIPS, a few tutorials all in this new place.
I hope to redirect my domain name here in the future as well so if you see a big change up top, that will be it 🙂

If you don’t yet know me, please be sure to visit my About Me page to get an idea of who is writing this. 

So….ok. YAY!
Thanks for being here and thanks for bearing with me as I set up here. 

Chat soon!!


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